The Influence of Natural Selection on Partner Marketing

…In a recent LinkedIn post, Larry Walsh, CEO and Chief Analyst of The 2112 Group shared his perspective that brands aren’t responsible for transforming their partners’ businesses. As the tech industry shifts its delivery of solutions to the cloud, and as customers shift their buying preferences from purchases (capital expenses) to subscriptions (operating expenses) channel partners must evolve their sales processes, compensation, and solution delivery models to suit the needs of modern buyers. Not making these changes will cause partners to lose relevance in the market and they’re likely to shrink rather than grow their customer base.

Walsh suggests that there is a role for brands to play, but it’s different than taking responsibility.

“As a vendor, you can help create the conditions in which partners can thrive. But you can’t take the first step for partners; nor should you carry them into the future. Vendors already complain about the unproductive partners they carry in and around their channel programs. Taking on the transformation responsibility is just continuing to reward bad behavior by disengaged partners.”

Walsh is looking holistically at the transformation that channel partners and brands must go through, but I read his post with a narrower lens. Among all the areas that need transformation, brands and partners must shift their approach to marketing to be more inbound-oriented instead of the antiquated outbound approach…

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Posted By: Mike Moore, Averetek