Welcome to the era of the specialized partner

mspmentorlogoThe channel is moving in new directions. Some insights as to where it’s going.

“Our friends at the 2112 Group have a new report with intriguing findings that amply some of our most recent thinking on channel evolution. Here’s what you need to know.

In its new report, “Understanding & Leveraging Specialized Channels,” the 2112 Group makes the case that IoT innovation requires new capabilities to sell and integrate. While many existing partners will no doubt develop these skills, some of the demand for these capabilities will be met by organizations not considered part of the traditional channel. Think human resource consultants, accountants, medical device manufacturers and more.

These “specialists” will partner with tech companies and embed digital innovations into their business models and/or customer deliverables. As they do, they will give rise to a new class of “channel companies” that will take their rightful place among other organizations including integrators, VARs, MSPs, consultants, agents and more.”

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