What the AWS Outage Means for Partners

“The high-scale disruption caused by a multiple-hour Amazon Web Services (AWS) system outage shows just how many businesses rely upon AWS and the public cloud.

Amazon Simple Service Storage, otherwise known as Amazon S3, suffered what the company called an “error rate issue” on Tuesday. Most reports say the downtime lasted four hours, with others suggest it lasted 11. AWS on Wednesday said it had resolved the problem.

Business Insider wrote that 54 of the top Internet retailers suffered lost revenue from the downtime. The online publication Mashable ironically noted that the outage prevented it from publishing its story about AWS.

What implications does this have for AWS, public cloud and the partners that interact with them?

Larry Walsh, CEO and chief analyst at The 2112 Group, said service outages like S3’s reflect more on the company’s brand than the actual platform.

“In the cloud computing era, partners and customers can expect 2 to 9 hours of services disruptions a year,” Walsh told Channel Partners. “It’s incumbent for vendors using a third-party platform such as Amazon Web Services to evaluate the support and responsiveness as well as the technical architecture to ensure they align with the minimum SLA requirements in their agreements with partners.””

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