The 2112 Group Launches New Service Architecting Growth Plans for Channel Partners

2112 Blueprint provides vendors with a platform for helping partners set growth targets and business plans to achieve performance and revenue goals


PORT WASHINGTON, NY, Oct. 20, 2015 – The 2112 Group, the leader in channel strategy and partner enablement, announces the availability of 2112 Blueprint, a new service that vendors can utilize to support partners in need of directional assistance on achievement of goals, understanding of products, and attainment of revenue.

In its 2015 Channel Forecast Report, 2112 found that more than 40 percent of solution providers do not have a formal plan for growth; around 60 percent do not have guidelines for normal business operations; and about 60 percent lack annual sales and growth targets. The data also revealed many of the growth and sales plans that do exist are inadequate or incomplete, and, in some cases, are merely vague notions of direction.

“Vendors can make a difference in their partners’ performance by engaging them in discussions about their overall business health, and then inserting themselves into plans for future growth,” said Lawrence M. Walsh, CEO and chief analyst of The 2112 Group. “Through joint-business planning, vendors and solution providers can strategically apply investments and resources toward reaching collective goals, rather than approaching the market haphazardly or opportunistically. If done tactically, it is far more effective – in terms of both money and time – to expand with existing partners than to recruit and operationalize new ones.”

2112 Blueprint converts the data and intelligence collected from 2112 Assessor, 2112 Investor and 2112 Profiler to not only provide a vendor with a platform for helping partners set growth targets and business plans, but also to create a tool backed with prescriptive guidance and steps for partners to follow so they achieve goals aligned to the vendor’s objectives.

A 2112 Blueprint provides:

  • Creation of business planning designs by partner type to facilitate performance
  • Access to the 2112 Growth Calculator for partners to plot their strategies
  • Training and enablement materials on partner business planning
  • Training and enablement materials for channel teams to help partners execute their plans

2112 Blueprint complements 2112’s other products including 2112 Investor a service that calculates the total cost of partnership and ROI expectations; 2112 Growth Calculator, a tool that vendors can use to help partners understand and plot strategic growth plans; and 2112 Profiler, a tool that assesses partner network to categorize your solution providers into groups, then maps attributes against the 2112 “3Cs” methodology.

For more information about 2112 Blueprint or other 2112 services, contact