The 2112 Group Reveals Data on Solution Providers Trust Levels of Endpoint Security Vendors

Study finds the less trustworthy a security vendor is, the lower the marketability of its products and services


PORT WASHINGTON, NY, Oct. 8, 2015 – The 2112 Group, the leader in channel strategy and partner enablement, releases the 2112 Endpoint Protection Vendor Trustworthiness Report, which finds trustworthiness is a leading indicator of brand and product marketability – trumped only by product quality and performance – with endpoint security software resellers.

In the two consecutive surveys fielded for this study, The 2112 Group found that more than one-quarter of respondents pick vendor trustworthiness as a top priority for choosing an endpoint security vendor, equal in importance to partner support and slightly ahead of the perceived resilience of the actual product in preventing hacking and compromise. Trustworthiness is trumped only by product quality and performance.

“Trustworthiness is a significant factor that influences partner decision-making, but the impact ebbs and flows with current events,” said Lawrence M. Walsh, CEO and chief analyst of The 2112 Group. “We can see, though, that product quality and profitability are not enough to influence partner loyalty and marketability. Vendors with lower trust among partners also have lower loyalty and marketability ratings.”

The survey participants primarily represent resellers of 12 security vendors: Avast, AVG Technologies, BitDefender, ESET, FireEye, Intel Security (McAfee), Kaspersky Lab, Panda Security, Sophos, Symantec, Trend Micro, and Webroot.

Highlights of the findings include, but are not limited to:

  • Trustworthiness of vendors is a significant factor in the reseller’s consideration of vendors they resell, but trustworthiness has a transient impact on brand marketability.
  • Three out of four endpoint security resellers believe their vendors have or would hack or sabotage a competitor for competitive gain.
  • One-quarter of endpoint security resellers believe security software vendors have already engaged in competitive hacking.
  • No vendor brand is beyond reproach when it comes to suspicions of competitive hacking.

Notable company-specific data worth mentioning:

  • Symantec and Kaspersky Lab are seen as best at detecting malware and attacks; important as product quality and performance are the most important partnership concern.
  • Intel Security has the most loyal partners.
  • Symantec and Intel Security are seen as the most marketable security brands.
  • Kaspersky and Trend Micro offer the best opportunity for profit, according to resellers.

For all of the impact of trustworthiness and integrity on partner attitudes toward endpoint security vendors, what remains constant across both 2015 polls is the importance of product quality and effectiveness as a top consideration among resellers when choosing a security software partner.

The information provided in this report by The 2112 Group is complimentary. To download a copy of the 2112 Endpoint Protection Vendor Trustworthiness Report click here. Additional analysis on partner perceptions of individual endpoint security vendors is available for purchase.

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