The 2112 Group Rebrands as Channelnomics

Name change reflects company’s evolving route-to-market research and strategy services


PORT WASHINGTON, N.Y., Jan. 5, 2021 – The 2112 Group announced that it’s rebranding as Channelnomics, a name that reflects its continuing mission to provide companies with research, guidance, and support in the development and management of dynamic routes to market.

For the past 10 years, 2112 and Channelnomics operated in parallel under 2112 Enterprises LLC. Channelnomics was the company’s media business, which provided technology solution providers with news and analysis of vendor events and programs. 2112 has decided to discontinue its media business and adopt Channelnomics as its primary brand.

“Since 2010, Channelnomics has become known as a resource for market intelligence and insights,” said Lawrence M. Walsh, the company’s CEO and founder. “Transitioning all of our research, market intelligence, and strategy services under this brand not only makes sense but clarifies the value we bring to companies around our go-to-market strategy and analytics services.”

Channelnomics will continue to offer the same slate of products and services, including channel assessment, primary and secondary research on partner relationships and sentiment, channel and GTM strategy development, and partner enablement support.

In addition, Channelnomics is expanding its Brainstorm program, which provides members with access to a full portfolio of research and analysis, on-demand consulting and analytics support, partner segmentation insights, and facilitated community interactions.

“Brainstorm is one of our most successful programs, giving the dozens of participating channel professionals on-demand support that’s ordinarily out of reach,” said Cindy Herndon, the company’s senior vice president of strategy and operations. “The switch to the Channelnomics brand will allow us to redirect more resources to continue expanding this valued service.”

Channelnomics works with technology and manufacturing vendors worldwide to develop market intelligence, understand market opportunities, and create direct and indirect go-to-market strategies that return billions of dollars in sales.

For more information about Channelnomics’ services, contact us at [email protected].

About Channelnomics

We believe exceptional insights enable channel professionals to turn vision into reality. Channelnomics is a business strategy and research firm focused on connecting channel professionals with the people and insights that enable them to continually evolve and operationalize their strategy. Our industry experts work with clients to provide the evidence they need to validate and structure their strategy. Our clients, in turn, benefit from improved GTM performance, faster time to market, and better return on partner relationships. By looking at the technology market from the viewpoint of vendors, partners, and end users, Channelnomics is uniquely positioned to develop route-to-market strategies with an innovative, insightful, and inspired flair.

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