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According to Channelnomics research, 62% of technology vendors will undertake the process of creating a new channel program or revamping an existing one in 2022. The development of new channel programs is often a reflection of vendors pursuing new market opportunities, evolving technologies and business models, or changing dynamics in customer needs and expectations.   Too often, though, the channel development process starts prematurely. Channel teams will launch into the development of a new channel model without first giving consideration to all the factors that make for great and productive partner programs. In other words, they’ll jump into the mechanics of a channel program before defining the intent, purpose, or objectives.   Successful channel programs don’t just happen. Great channel programs are built on strategies that start with clear thinking and directed purpose.   Before starting a channel program design, channel professionals need to define their channel strategy. This Channelnomics white paper provides the 10 essentials for developing a well-rounded, focused, and clearly articulated channel strategy, including:

  • Mission objectives
  • Scope and coverage
  • Stakeholder involvement
  • Supporting evidence
  • Required steps

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