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Over the past two years, the channel absorbed the worst of the pandemic’s disruption, adjusting sales and service practices to support a rapid wholesale shift to remote work and e-commerce. That shift, however, was more survival mode than strategy.   Now, the world’s moving past the pandemic but entering an equally challenging environment – one defined by supply-chain shortages, inflation-fueled economic stagnation, and heightened geopolitical turmoil. While the channel remains in decent health, partners face a number of obstacles they need to clear quickly if they’re to survive and thrive under these difficult conditions.   Their businesses are weighted too heavily toward transactional product sales; they’re short-arming reinvestments in capabilities and capacities; their customer retention records are less-than-stellar; and they need to elevate their service-driven recurring-revenue growth goals. According to the research, solution providers recognize the value and promise of IT solutions conducive to service-centric practices, just as they acknowledge the necessity of driving down customer attrition and ratcheting up investments in their businesses. Those who act sure-footedly in these areas stand to enjoy the greatest success.   In the 2022 Channel Forecast report, Channelnomics continues to highlight opportunities and obstacles for partners, and to give them a clear roadmap for success in the channel.   Check out the latest Channel Forecast report for insights on:

  • Channel growth and profitability trends
  • Technology growth segments
  • Strategic partner investments
  • Performance expectations for the future

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