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A forward-looking perspective for channel professionals

Channelnomics is always looking forward to understand the impact of market and technology trends on go-to-market strategies and identify opportunities for channel professionals in their programs. Our Channel of the Future 2030 project aims to provide an unfolding map of dynamic trends and guidance to help channel professionals chart their short- and long-term strategies and program models through the next decade.   Through this foundational mapping of the channel over the next decade, channel professionals will have a basis for understanding and anticipating changes that will impact and inform their go-to-market strategy.   Our three basic objectives:   1. Better Understand Current and Evolving Trends 2. Identify New Routes to Market and Strategies 3.Provide Guidance on Changing Partnership Conditions   As history proves, the channel of the future won’t look distinctly different from the contemporary or past channels. Technology will evolve, and changes will happen. But the changes to come won’t come with such speed or impact to displace or eradicate the existing constructs. Rather, the channel of the future will – as it is today – be a work in progress with varying flavors of past, present, and future wrapped together in a GTM concert.   This report provides insights into the evolving and unfolding future of our business.