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Many people over the years have used variations of the quote “get comfortable being uncomfortable.” This rhetorical phrase is often used as a prerequisite for success amid change. Evolving technology, shifting priorities, new business models, and changing customer expectations don’t sit well with people who have made their bones on tried-and-true methodologies – or are comfortable with what they do and how they do it.   “Get comfortable being uncomfortable” is taking on new meaning in light of the war in Ukraine and the prospects of potential escalation. Before the Russian invasion on February 25, few people thought about the prospects of a major regional or world war breaking out. As such, they didn’t consider the consequences up and down the scale.   Click here for your free personal invite to the next Channelnomics Brainstorm Community Call for a deeper look at the Channel Chief Outlook Report.   Join Brainstorm today and access all of our research. Channel programs and strategies need to continually evolve in order to stay ahead of market shifts. One of the easiest ways to benchmark your efforts is to collaborate with peers and leverage current market trend information. The Channelnomics Brainstorm Service was created to do just that by bringing together industry experts, timely market information, and other tools.