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Micro-Behaviors to Macro-Returns


In this report, The 2112 Group discusses how influencing partner micro-behaviors can yield high returns. We outline why and how persistently engaging with partners – focusing on their business and operational practices, not just their revenue generation – can help foster truly productive partnerships.


The traditional “carrot and stick” approach of tiered channel programs isn’t enough to spur partners toward sustained growth. Guiding partner micro-behaviors is the key to cultivating a high-performing channel. In this white paper, Micro-Behaviors to Macro-Returns, 2112 outlines how offering partners guidance on setting goals, developing capabilities, and building overall business acumen can pay long-term dividends for both vendors and the channel.


In this 2112 white paper, you’ll learn:


  • The benefits of influencing partner micro-behavior
  • Strategies for influencing partners
  • Methods for measuring influence outcomes