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Sizing Up the Channel


In this report, The 2112 Group doesn’t try to answer the “size of the channel” question. Instead, we focus on a relative approximation of the TAC in which a technology vendor operates, and offer tips for determining a channel population estimate.


Vendors and channel chiefs frequently ask about the size of the channel. They’re not wrong to ask, but they shouldn’t seek a big number. The channel is big, but the number of partners in the community doesn’t matter. What does matter is sizing markets and relevant partners. In this white paper, Sizing Up the Channel, 2112 details why aligning indirect sales goals against the total addressable market with the right partners is the way to calculate your relative channel.


In this 2112 white paper, you’ll learn:


  • Estimates for the size of the North America channel
  • Why Partner Composition and Profiles Matter
  • How Partner Location Factors into Channel Strategy
  • Strategies for Defining Your Total Addressable Channel