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Channel players continue to make services a bigger part of their revenue equation. Case in point: The average SMB-focused solution provider earns as much as 75% of its gross revenue from services – managed, professional, and/or cloud. Apparently, they’re heeding the call from vendors and distributors to evolve; embracing a recurring-revenue model with services at its core is part and parcel of that evolution.   Yet there’s much more to be done if SMB solution providers want to build profitable businesses based on services. They can make their businesses stronger by boosting their sales and marketing acumen, implementing business planning and goal-setting strategies, and reinvesting more money in the development of their capabilities and capacities.   In this first-of-its-kind report, Channelnomics explores the strengths and shortcomings of SMB solution providers in the service arena and outlines areas where they can improve their competitive standing, growth, and profitability.