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Strategies for Engaging Automated Digital Sales Channels


In its latest white paper, The 2112 Group shares insights on the emergence of automated digital sales channels such as marketplaces – their value propositions, risks, and rewards.


Marketplaces and e-commerce – i.e., automated digital sales channels – aren’t just for consumers anymore. More businesses have discovered the benefits of sourcing product online without the intervention of salespeople.


By 2020, 60 percent of all B2B products will be sold through those channels as businesses look to moderate costs, expedite fulfillment, and normalize inventory across multiple regions. But automated digital sales involve risks as well. Vendors with substantial channel coverage will feel the sting of competitors and dissatisfied partners as they wrestle with channel conflict. Setting up digital sales will require investments of time and money. And working with independent marketplaces will shift control of customer relationships away from vendors.


In this report, 2112 presents data on these topics and more:


  • Models for implementing automated digital sales
  • The benefits and risks of digital sales channels
  • Strategies for evolving existing sales channels
  • Next steps for vendors seeking to incorporate digital sales into their existing operations