2112 Assessor

On a path to improvement, a company first needs to identify its current state before setting out to achieve a desired future state of excellence.

2112 Assessor will evaluate a vendor’s channel program – from structure to operations – as well as examine partner perceptions. The assessment doesn’t stop there; next, we compare that program to its competitors, then against our exclusive performance baseline. The result is a comprehensive gap analysis for making adjustments, setting expectations and planning for future performance targets.


2112 Assessor not only identifies areas of strength and weakness, it sets a starting point for improvement that lay the necessary foundation for projected business outcomes. Such measures are essential performance gauges for vendors and partners in identifying their abilities to drive further improvement and sales optimization for increased revenue generation.


What You Get:


  • Comprehensive report on your channel structure and performance
  • Competitive analysis of how your channel program stacks up to competitors
  • Recommendations for improvement and expansion
  • Report for partner enablement and recruitment

2112 Assessor can be applied to a variety of programs…

Channel Program

2112 will conduct a qualitative assessment measuring partner perceptions of the quality and performance of a channel program, the marketability of products and how a client compares to its competitors. In addition to a thorough analysis of the findings, the output of this assessment includes two reports: a public version for distribution and use in recruitment and partner enablement; and a confidential version with discrete findings and recommendations for improvement.


Did You Know? We talk about creating a “force multiplier” for your sales force – from a revenue standpoint, this means that 4 out of every 10 dollars spent on technology flows through the channel.

Product Review

Every product has a target market, but it doesn’t always hit the mark. 2112 is the expert at assessing technology products and services to determine your best market value, target customers and selling strategies. We work with our network of resellers and end users to provide real-world feedback on technology products and services, enabling companies to focus go-to-market strategies and improve channel engagements.


Did You Know? As the Services Era forges ahead, many companies are dropping hardware and/or commodity software from their line cards; while they will support products, they no longer sell them.

Competitive Landscape

Every technology company has competition — and this is a good thing. Competition keeps companies innovative and nimble. 2112 provides our clients in-depth assessments and analyses of the competitive landscape, identifying direct, indirect and potential competitors. We help our clients better understand the market in which they operate and how to make better decisions regarding competitive positioning.


Did You Know? Given the current state of adoption, the channel is approximately three years behind the cloud trend and falling further behind each quarter.

Market & Community

No marketplace is uniform or predictable. Indirect reseller channels typically operate on a 90/10 ratio: 90 percent of the sales flow through 10 percent of the resellers and partners. Our Market & Community Assessment Services provide a detailed look at the composition of our clients’ partner community and insights on how to best optimize indirect sales performance.


Did You Know? Transformation is often inspired by shifting market dynamics and indicators. These are not necessarily spurred by customer demand, but rather what the analyst community and vendor forecasts indicate are essential.

Growth Aspirations

A company can never over-prepare for growth. 2112 measures partner aspirations for growth and indicates where partners should invest for the potential expansion of their businesses by applying its Growth Calculator to their partner community. This helps our clients assess their propensity for growth and where to make investments. The results provide profiles of partner performance expectations, giving our clients a better sense of where to target resources.


Did You Know? A vast number of solution providers do not have formal business structures in place and, as a result, are more likely to follow the wrong key performance indicators when it comes to planning for growth and development.

Strategic Analysis

Every corporate initiative has strengths and weaknesses, especially in the eyes of the intended market of partners and customers. Our Strategic Analysis service evaluates corporate and product initiatives prior to launch and performs message testing. We deliver actionable guidance for adjusting strategic initiatives and provide an assessment of how the messaging will be received by the target community.


Did You Know? The capacity of professional services to generate revenue and profit, as well as open new opportunities for sales and ongoing sales engagements, makes it an integral element in sustaining business viability.

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