Did You Know… Strategic Advisory

DID you KNOW… The 2112 Group works with vendors and solution providers to define their value proposition in a way that allows them to transform their vision into reality by developing a business model that addresses specific customer needs.

A Business Philosophy Is Only Effective When It Can Be Converted Into Action.


2112 has found that companies with a defined vision (the impact they want to make on the market) and purpose (how they make that vision a reality) perform much better than those without clear direction. Vison is a reflection of value, which differentiates a company from others in the market. That vision helps the target customer/market more clearly understand a company’s value proposition and keeps a company from falling into the “me too” category.


Solution providers are increasingly relying on their own products, processes, and brands to demonstrate value to end customers.


As the market continues to evolve, and services and support take precedence over individual products, technology companies will need to continue developing their own unique identities. 2112 identifies this shift as an opportunity to demonstrate how your various specializations and capabilities complement each other to create value and ensure revenue generation for customers. Showing how your offerings tie together will lead to shorter sales cycles, increased deal values, and more contract renewals.


2112 recognizes that what’s most important to end users is that they receive the products, services, and support they purchase from you. So, when helping define your value proposition, we keep a specific goal in mind: delivering against strategic goals aligned with your operational model.

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