Channels do not perform without goals and goals are not achieved without plans.

Through our research, Channelnomics finds that less than 60 percent of solution providers have a formal plan for growth; around 40 percent have guidelines for normal business operations; and about 40 percent have annual sales and growth targets.


So, what’s the solution?


Vendors should engage partners in discussions about their overall business health, and then insert themselves into plans for future growth. Through joint-business planning, vendors and solution providers can gain greater understanding of their respective goals, products and services, and customers – which adds to the foundation of a Blueprint.


Blueprint converts the data and intelligence collected from Profiler to not only provide a vendor with a platform for helping partners set growth targets and business plans, but also to create a tool backed with prescriptive guidance and steps for partners to follow so they achieve goals aligned to the vendor’s objectives.


A Blueprint provides:


  • Creation of business planning designs by partner type to facilitate performance
  • Guidance on enablement practices and materials on partner business planning
  • Training and materials for channel teams to help partners execute their plans


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