Did You Know… Business Planning

DID you KNOW… The 2112 Group works with vendors and partners to develop programs that address key factors – such as marketing plans, product knowledge, technical training and resource planning – to ensure the proper sales motions are in place to achieve revenue targets.

Effective Business Planning is a Critical Factor in Achieving Success.


In the channel, an alarming number of solution providers reported not knowing if they even have a growth strategy. According to our research, 47 percent of solution providers do not have a strategic plan for growth; even those who say they have a plan are not setting strategic business objectives for their companies.


Four out of ten solution providers are not setting goals for their sales teams at all!


This reflects a lack of focus on planning, execution and strategy. If there is no vision or shared plan for growth, there is a lower probability of success. Such lack of organization not only affects the internal practices of a company, but also the ecosystem that company participates in. If a solution provider isn’t growing, it’s holding back the performance of its vendor and peer partners. It can result in a domino effect of failure by way of missed sales opportunities, poor services and insufficient support.


2112 develops programs that not only reverse such damage, we stop it before it begins. Whether designing a channel framework, or developing a partner enablement program, 2112 keeps one goal in mind: achieving the business outcomes that drive your business forward.

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