Did You Know… Customer Identification

DID you KNOW… The 2112 Group works with vendors and partners to segment customers based on demographic categories. By examining buyer types, you can create targeted profiles that embody customers’ missions, business objectives, and operational needs.

Customer Identification is a Critical Step in Securing Repeatable Revenue.


Customer identification is an essential element of any business strategy or development plan. Companies don’t just define themselves by the products and services they sell; they’re more often defined by the customers they serve.


There is such a thing as a bad customer – and they can cost far more than they’re worth.


Customer identification isn’t just about defining your clients based on vertical industry, geographic market, or size. It’s about understanding their business processes, goals, and objectives; operational needs; and expected outcomes. Also, customer identification means looking at both the whole and its component parts—creating buyer personas for companies and the individuals within those organizations responsible for making purchasing decisions—so that you can craft sales and marketing messages that address buyers from start to finish of the buying cycle, from consideration to closing the sale.


2112 customer personas provide a client with insights into who will consume their products and services, as well as what partners will need to engage with customers. In creating these personas, inclusive of needs analysis, use cases and sales strategies, common sales objections and challenges, and sales battle cards, 2112 keeps one goal in mind: acquiring revenue through the identification of net-new customers.

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