Samsung Growth Calculator

The Samsung Business Growth Calculator, powered by The 2112 Group, is designed to provide you with analysis and guidance on your company’s revenue history and future growth. What you get from the Samsung Business Growth Calculator is a report that will give you the foundational data for crafting an effective growth strategy and plan.


Upon completing a series of questions about your company’s past revenue, future revenue aspirations and operational attributes you will receive a report with information that illustrates your company’s historical performance, aspirational growth and actual growth targets. In addition, you will have an understanding of how your business’s performance relates to the rest of the channel, to develop strategic growth plans.


The Samsung Business Growth Calculator will ask you some specific questions about your business. While some of the information is sensitive, we don’t want you to worry about confidentiality. All information shared through the Samsung Business Growth Calculator is kept in strict confidence and only used for research purposes.


If you have any questions about the Samsung Business Growth Calculator or the results and report about your company, please contact The 2112 Group at 347-770-2112 or [email protected]


Revenue and Goals
Enter Partner Company Name
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What was your total (gross) revenue for calendar year 2014?
What was your gross revenue, in dollars, for the following years?
When thinking about the growth of your business, how much gross revenue do you want your company to generate in 2018?
What is your company’s target net profit as a percentage of revenue (revenue less total expenses including taxes)?
In what city is your company’s primary location (responsible for at least 50 percent of your sales)? (please enter city and state)
What do you consider an acceptable annual growth rate?
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