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Podcast: Virtual Reality’s Future

Nick Bicanic, founder of RVLVR Labs, is helping to shape this digital future by developing virtual and augmented reality technology and content. In his view, Bicanic believes VR and AR will make technology more accessible and less intrusive than anything available today. ...

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Podcast: Growth through Acquisition

In the last two years, Erwin has grown by leaps and bounds in terms of capabilities and revenue through the purchase of companies with complementary technology. The strategy is paying off and, as CEO Adam Famularo shares, shows the results of strategic acquisition planning. ...

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Podcast: Growing SMBs’ IT Services

Office Depot’s Janet Schijns, executive vice president and chief merchant and services officer, and Michelle Ragusa McBain, director of technology sales and services, join Pod2112 to talk about the growing need and opportunity for business services in the SMB segment....

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Podcast: Crisis Management Planning

Platte River’s vice president of sales and marketing, David DeCamillis, joins Pod2112 to talk about the lessons learned from that experience and why it’s imperative that every company have a crisis management contingency plan....

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