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Transformation Takes Courage

Vendors talk about the need for transformation, but many companies wait too long to make necessary changes to remain competitive and relevant because they lack the courage to take risks....

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Podcast: Delighting Customers

Kevin Gilroy, executive vice president of Samsung Electronics, knows a thing or two about building the right solutions for their market, simplifying complex systems and delighting customers to keep them engaged. Gilroy shares his insights and approaches to delighting customers....

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Amazon Takeover

Amazon is Taking Over the World; Get Used to It

The takeover of Whole Foods by Amazon rattled the retail grocery world, with many predicting legacy supermarkets already lost to the digital behemoth. The tech market is watching wearily as Amazon encroaches on its turf. It’s time to stop fearing Amazon and embrace it. ...

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Podcast: Capitalizing on Recurring Revenue

The gaining popularity of managed services among vendors and solution providers, the importance of building strong services businesses and the mistakes large vendors make in transitioning to managed services and recurring revenue models....

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