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Apple Celebrates Another Record Quarter

Third quarter net income grows 13 per cent as iPhone maker Apple sees growth in overseas markets

Apple, IBM Partner to Tackle Mobile Enterprise

IBM and Apple have formed a strategic partnership to make iPhones and iPad more valuable enterprise tools, and build a new, growth-oriented act for both companies.

Apple poaches Tag Heuer Exec as Rumors Mount over iWatch

Apple’s first wearable tech launch expected in time for Christmas

Microsoft Offers to Buy Out Apple Users

Microsoft is doing more than just comparing its Surface Pro 3 to the MacBook Air; it’s now offering up to $650 credit to Apple users who trade-in their old machines for the new Windows hybrid devices. Apple probably isn’t worried, but other PC vendors and resellers should.

Can Channel Cash In on Apple’s Enterprise Bonanza?

Apple products are making historic inroads in the enterprise, a fact that’s giving IT pros fits over management, a new study finds.

A Year After Snowden: Tech Vendors Fight Back

Microsoft’s general counsel Brad Smith took to the company’s blog to issue a stern rebuke to the American spy agencies: Stop hacking our data centers.

Windows Phone to Take Bite of Apple Market Share

IDC predicts 43.3 million Windows Phones will ship this year – a figure that will reach 65.9 million next year and 115.3 million by 2018.

Microsoft Surface 3: Hurry Up and Wait

Microsoft released Surface 3 hybrid PC/tablet to much fanfare, but is keeping would-be business and consumer buyers waiting for weeks to get the new device.