10 Lessons 2022 Taught the Channel for the New Year

The channel must internalize the previous year’s experiences to survive and thrive in 2023.

By Larry Walsh

Mercifully, we’re about to put 2022 into the record books. It’s been a helluva year. If the pandemic years were the wild side of a roller coaster, 2022 was the last hill from which we plunged back to reality. The year started off well enough but got bogged down quickly by the recessionary pressures resulting from the Russo-Ukrainian War, skyrocketing inflation, and continued supply-chain disruptions. And, as many of you have heard me talk about, the economic challenges aren’t done with us yet.

Challenging times are exhausting, but they’re not without their positive sides. We can learn much from adversity and uncertainty that will prepare us for the future. By taking the lessons from our successes, mistakes, and trials, we can develop strategies and solutions to anticipated ...

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