15 Must-Watch Channel Trends in 2024

15 Must-Watch Channel Trends in 2024

For the channel, 2024 is as daunting as it is promising. As the year unfolds, the technology sector is poised to navigate unprecedented complexity, with economic volatility, rapid technological advancements, and shifting social dynamics interweaving to form a formidable matrix of challenges and opportunities.

At this critical juncture, foretelling the future isn’t just difficult — it is, as Mark Twain so astutely put it, folly. The Channelnomics approach sidesteps prophecies to focus on a curated assembly of key trends that demand vigilant observation and strategic agility.

This special report aims to be a beacon, providing clarity amid change. It encourages vendors to adopt a mindset of adaptability, to anticipate and respond to the ebbs and flows of the market. The goal is to empower channel professionals with a deeper understanding of ...

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