2112 is Now Channelnomics

The name change reflects the evolution of our mission and services to our valued clients.

By Larry Walsh

Sports teams retire the jersey numbers of their legends, immortalizing their achievements and contributions. We’re doing the same. We’re hanging up the “2112” jersey and consigning the number to history.

From now on, we’re “Channelnomics,” a brand that reflects our products and services, which provide our clients with insightful research, informed strategic consulting services, and impactful enablement support.

Under the revitalized Channelnomics brand, we’ll continue providing our vendor, distributor, and solution provider clients with the superior support they’re accustomed to receiving from us. We’ll continue to evolve our portfolio of capabilities to give our clients the guidance and support they need to develop their routes to market.

Why change now?

Since our founding in 2010, we’ve operated two brands in parallel: 2112, the research and consulting service; and Channelnomics, a leading media service that provides channel news and analysis.

Channelnomics – the media franchise – had a successful run, having developed a large and loyal audience, producing some of the most unique channel insights on vendor news and market trends anywhere. Let’s face it; there’s no shortage of channel media nowadays. Given the high availability of channel content products, we decided to exit the media business to focus more on our core offerings.

Channelnomics, which we always positioned as being about the business and economics of the channel, fits our business vision and evolution. We believe that success in the channel is based on sound economics that drive partnerships and customer value.

Changing our name to Channelnomics won’t change our spirit. We’re committed to challenging conventional wisdom; using research to uncover new routes to market, methodologies, and strategies; and developing new solutions to address a dynamic market and our clients’ evolving challenges. In the coming weeks and months, you’ll see new products, services, and initiatives.

The Channelnomics team is excited about our new branding and the prospects for helping more companies worldwide find their course through the channel. As Channelnomics, we’ll draw inspiration from our 2112 legacy – those four numbers that got us this far and serve as a touchstone for our ongoing evolution. We invite you to join us on our journey forward.

Larry Walsh is the CEO and chief analyst of Channelnomics, a business strategy and research firm servicing the IT channel community. You can always e-mail Larry directly at

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