Acronis CEO Patrick Pulvermueller on the Impact of the Ukraine War

Larry Walsh talks with Acronis CEO Patrick Pulvermueller about the impact the war in Ukraine is having on the technology market and channel, efforts made to help refugees, and how the Russian invasion is changing strategic and contingency planning.

The war in Ukraine, now raging for more than a month, woke governments and companies around the world out of their complacency. The dystopian-like order of the Cold War returned with a vengeance, causing many technology industry leaders to rethink their operations and outlook in ways they couldn’t conceive just weeks ago.

To date, thousands of lives have been lost. Entire cities have been leveled. More than 3.7 million Ukrainians are refugees in other European countries. And as much as 15% of the population has been displaced by the fighting and destruction.

The Western response has been multifaceted. Beyond the financial and military aid flowing into Ukraine, NATO and other Western countries have imposed sanctions on Russia that aim to cripple its economy. Many Western companies – most notably, technology companies – have suspended operations in Russia and taken active roles in aiding the Ukrainian resistance.

One of these companies is Acronis, a cybersecurity and backup specialist based in Switzerland and Singapore, with substantial connections to Russia and Ukraine through its diverse globalized staff. Acronis stopped doing business in Russia in 2017, and the company severed any remaining ties immediately following the invasion in solidarity with Western sanctions and in support of Ukraine’s resistance.

Acronis has taken additional steps as well. The company is actively working to provide displaced Ukrainians with employment; has pledged €500,000 through its charitable arm, Acronis Cyber Foundation; and is helping its employees in Eastern European countries that are providing aid and support to Ukrainian refugees. Acronis, like many of its peers, is dealing with issues that were unthinkable just a month ago.

Beyond the humanitarian efforts, Acronis and companies like it are shifting their strategic thinking. They’re not only thinking about their usual annual operating plans; they’re also considering the short- and long-term ramifications of a sustained war in Ukraine and the widening of the conflict to more countries. They’re coping with the continuing inflation and inventory issues, while adding sanctions and supply-chain disruptions to the list. They’re rethinking everything.

In this Channelnomics Changing Channels episode, Acronis CEO Patrick Pulvermueller joins host Larry Walsh to discuss the far-reaching repercussions of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and how it will impact technology companies around the world.

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