AppSmart’s Renee Bergeron on the Evolution of Channel Marketplaces

Renee Bergeron joins Channelnomics’ Changing Channels host Larry Walsh to discuss how innovative marketplace models are providing new avenues to market for technology vendors and partners.

Marketplaces and online digital sales are increasing quickly. More than $6 trillion in B2B goods and reserves sales transact through marketplaces annually – nearly three times the volume of B2C activity. And a significant and increasing portion of that volume is technology products and services. Marketplace sales were on the ascent prior to the pandemic. Lockdown conditions made online buying a necessity for many businesses and provided vendors and resellers with a much-needed medium for selling under social distancing conditions. Marketplaces are on the minds of nearly every vendor. They see online selling as a means for increasing revenue, meeting customers where they want to transact (particularly younger buyers and influencers), and scaling limited resources. The concern is how marketplaces impact traditional channels and partners. Vendors want to tap the power of marketplaces, but they also want to control the negative side effects on the partners that got them where they are today. AppSmart, a division of AppDirect and leading online technology sales platform, provides an example of how a marketplace can provide vendors with the digital sales capabilities they seek while simultaneously enabling partners to transact online. Renee Bergeron, vice president and general manager of AppSmart, joins Changing Channels to share how AppSmart is plying this new online selling model to the benefit of vendors and partners alike.

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