Are You as Valuable to Your Partners Now as You Were Three Years Ago?

Help for determining your ‘vendor value quotient’

If you haven’t measured partner satisfaction of late, you may want to make it a priority. The reason? A lot has changed since channel partners entered the pandemic. Now that they’re exiting it, channel partner priorities may not exactly align with your own. This could be a problem if your current and/or future plans involve leveraging partners to a meaningful extent.

Instead of gauging how satisfied partners are with your partner programs, however, now is the time to calculate your “vendor value quotient,” or VVQ. Akin to a partner value proposition, a VVQ is a measure that can help vendors determine if they’re currently as valuable to partners as they were three, four, or five years ago. With a better understanding of a VVQ, vendors can identify things that may be amiss with their partnering strategies and take proactive steps to...

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