CCC RECAP: Recession or No?

Understanding the Current Economic Climate and the Future of MSPs
By T.C. Doyle

Persistent inflation. Supply chain disruptions. Even food supply insecurity. All of these and more are weighing on the global economy — and giving tech industry professionals fits.

Thanks to global uncertainty, many industry insiders are in a quandary about what to expect in the next year. During the Channelnomics CiQ Community Call on Aug. 16, this topic took center stage, along with a separate topic that Channelnomics analysts have been studying of late, the future of the MSP.

On the latest BCC, Channelnomics founder and CEO Larry Walsh addressed some of the factors that are weighing on the rapidly changing economy:

Increasing cost of money
Persistent inflation
Declining stock value
Destabilized trade routes
Supply chain disruptions
Energy insecurity
Food supply insecurity

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