CCC RECAP: Selling Digital Services

Tech vendors have two basic options for selling digital services. Each has value, but the trade-offs are real.
By T.C. Doyle

Tech vendors have two basic business models they can choose for selling digital services and software subscriptions through partners. They can embrace a sell-to model that puts the channel partner at the heart of their technology transactions, or they can leverage a sell-thru model that reduces the role of the partner and emphasizes a closer relationship with end customers.

While both models are popular, they present vendors with very different benefits and trade-offs. In our Nov. 15 Channelnomics Community Call, Channelnomics examined the differences between the two models in depth.

The Model of the Moment

If the tech industry were high school, then MSPs would be holding court at the cool table in the cafeteria. There are good reasons why. MSPs have s...

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