Cisco’s Denzil Samuels on Driving Better Customer Experiences

Denzil Samuels, vice president of the global CX Partner Practice at Cisco, joins Channelnomics Changing Channels host Larry Walsh to discuss how vendors can enable partners to meet shifting customer experience expectations.

Customer experience is the new name of the game. While “the customer is always right” might not always be true in practice, what is certainly true is that as the technology market shifts to a service-based model, customer experience is the deciding factor for service success. Customers are looking for the best functionality, outcomes, and ease of use. When partners are part of service delivery, customers include in their experience perception things like accessibility, support, communications, and responsiveness.

Vendors across the industry are looking to keep up, working on incorporating customer experience into their channel models. Telling partners to focus on customer experiences and outcomes is the easy part; delivering on that promise is the challenge.

Even successful account management and a good customer relationship aren’t enough anymore. Customers are expecting their providers, whether vendors or partners, to make sure they get the best value out of their service investments.

A vendor at the forefront of customer experience as a channel value proposition is Cisco. The company has long been a key player in supporting partners in their delivery of services based on its products. As the technical environment transitions, Cisco has begun enabling partners to use the data and intelligence derived from services to better understand and anticipate customer needs and take proactive measures, rather than react to service events and requests. The goal: a better overall experience and value as partners gain the ability to act before customers even recognize they have a problem or need.

Cisco, like other vendors, understands that engagement and attention to customer needs is the answer to building and maintaining a successful service model. Enabling partners to meet these shifting customer experience expectations is the focus of the CX Partner Practice at Cisco. Denzil Samuels, head of that practice, joins Channelnomics Changing Channels host Larry Walsh to discuss how Cisco translates customer experience to the channel.

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