Competition Between GSIs and Large Resellers on the Rise

Competition between global systems integrators (GSIs) and large resellers is intensifying. Both entities, pivotal in delivering IT solutions across diverse sectors, increasingly overlap in roles and markets, creating a battleground for dominance.

GSIs, known for their comprehensive services that range from consulting to implementation, traditionally cater to multinational corporations requiring complex, customized IT infrastructure solutions. Their strength lies in deep technical expertise, global reach, and the ability to manage extensive projects. However, as digital transformation accelerates, the demand for more specialized, agile solutions has grown, allowing large resellers to enter the space traditionally dominated by GSIs.

Large resellers, on the other hand, have evolved beyond their conventional model of volume sales. They now offer a suite of value-added services, including customized solution engineering, on-demand support, and managed services. This shift is driven by the need to meet the rapidly changing technology requirements of businesses that seek cost-effectiveness without compromising on the scalability and customization offered by GSIs.

This convergence is fundamentally altering the landscape of IT service delivery, with both parties competing to provide a balanced mix of customization, speed, and cost efficiency. The result is a heightened competitive environment that promises to push innovations in service delivery but also compels both GSIs and resellers to continuously adapt and refine their strategies to maintain and grow their market share.

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