Connecting the Ecosystem Dots With ISVs

Ecosystems depend on independent software vendors (ISVs) to deliver applications that extend the value of their connected systems, but identifying and partnering with ISVs isn’t easy. In this episode of Changing Channels, experts reveal best practices for connecting with them.

No one technology vendor has all the products and services that businesses need to operate efficiently and effectively. Even the best vendors with the broadest portfolios have limitations. They need to partner with complementary products and services to extend the value of their applications. This need is at the heart of what makes ecosystems valuable. Through ecosystems, vendors and partners are able to combine products into systems.

A significant part of this ecosystem is independent software vendors (ISVs), which make the applications that extend the functionality and value of the underlying technology products and platforms. The challenge that vendors and partners face is identifying and forming relationships with the right ISVs.

In this special episode of Changing Channels, host Larry Walsh speaks with three industry experts — John Dusett of Ingram Micro, Alyssa Fitzpatrick of Elastic, and Alex Lewis of Genesys — about what it takes to create value-generating relationships with ISVs.

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