Dissecting the Ecosystem Definition Problem

Ecosystems are the rage, not just transforming the channel but seemingly replacing it; but there are definition problems that are clouding the creating problems for those trying to capitalize on the collaborative concept.

The term “ecosystem” has become increasingly prevalent in recent years, steadily replacing “channels” to denote indirect sales processes. By definition, ecosystems is the collaboration between two or more companies to address a customer’s needs. Nevertheless, there is a trend where the term “ecosystems” is also applied to describe channel populations and communities, leading to some confusion. This conflation of terms can set unrealistic expectations about what ecosystems are and what outcomes they can achieve.

In this episode of “Changing Channels,” Channelnomics’s Larry Walsh and Bryn Nettesheim address the nuances of the ecosystem definition and seek to clarify the current trend’s implications. They explore the distinct characteristics of ecosystems and how these collaborative networks can be leveraged effectively in the technology sector. This discussion aims to demystify the concept and ensure a common understanding within the industry.


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