HP’s Mary Beth Walker on Data-Driven Channels

Mary Beth Walker joins Channelnomics’ Changing Channels host Larry Walsh to discuss how HP’s new Amplify program is leveraging data shared by partners to improve channel sales and productivity.

As many say, data in the digital age is the fuel of business. By gathering, organizing, and analyzing data, businesses of all sizes – from large enterprises to small Main Street shops – are making more informed decisions and improving their operations and productivity. Although the technology industry has pushed the concept of “Big Data” for years, the application of data and analytics in the channel is sparse. In the crafting of Amplify, its new channel program, HP made data collaboration with its partners a cornerstone. HP is acting as a refinery of partner-supplied data. Partners will get detailed intelligence to target sales, manage inventories, and anticipate customer needs. Data collaboration is part of an evolving effort by HP to help make its channel partners smarter, more effective, and profitable. One of the architects of this initiative is Mary Beth Walker, the head of global channel strategy at HP. She joins Changing Channels to discuss the imperative of data collaboration between vendors and partners, and how data-driven operations will transform partner relationships in the coming years.

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