Kaseya’s Dan Tomaszewski on Enabling MSPs for Success

Dan Tomaszewski, executive vice president of channels at Kaseya, joins Larry Walsh to talk about what it takes to enable managed service providers for success and how to get partners to put skin in the game on joint efforts that result in growth.

Managed services providers (MSPs) are the most sought-after partners in the channel. Built on recurring revenue models and service delivery, MSPs have the attributes that vendors adopting and developing subscription-based sales models seek in their go-to-market channels. The conventional wisdom: MSPs get what vendors want and need, so partnerships should be simple, fast, and productive.

MSPs know the service and recurring revenue model, but generating a return on investment for vendors isn’t automatic. MSPs vary in their capabilities, capacities, and productivity. They require support in training, business development, technology adoption, and sales.

Many vendors that support or sell through MSPs offer training and other development resources. Most MSP partner programs follow traditional approaches in this regard, offering these enablement resources for free or having partners earn them based on performance. The result is a mixed bag.

Kaseya approaches MSP development differently in that it offers paid engagement. MSPs buy into a program that gets them access to resources and support — often through veteran MSP practitioners — to aid technology adoption, service development, marketing activities, and sales. The result is telling; MSPs that participate typically show better and more consistent growth.

Dan Tomaszewski, executive vice president of channels at Kaseya, joins Changning Channels to discuss Kaseya’s MSP enablement approach and why getting partners to put skin in the game is a good way to drive better results in managed services.


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