Microsoft’s Alyssa Fitzpatrick on Flipping the Co-Selling Model

Exec joins Channelnomics’ Changing Channels host Larry Walsh to discuss Microsoft’s innovative co-sell program, which drives independent software vendor products that complement the Azure cloud.

Cloud computing ushered in whole new ways of selling, delivering, and consuming technology. Through cloud platforms, vendors earn recurring revenue while customers get access to robust, resilient resources at a more palatable price. Driving cloud adoption and expanded consumption requires applications. The more applications a customer runs in a cloud, the more revenue it generates for the service provider. Channels have a limited number of selling motions, such as sell-with (aka co-selling), in which the vendor and partner approach customers together. Looking to feed its Azure Cloud platform, Microsoft flipped the script on co-selling by creating a program for selling products that complement its cloud services. The result is a multibillion-dollar business that provides lift to independent software vendors, commissions to Microsoft salespeople, and accelerated growth for Microsoft. Other cloud vendors have similar co-sell programs, but most follow Microsoft’s innovative model, which aims to create wins for Microsoft, partners, and customers alike. Alyssa Fitzpatrick, general manager of worldwide partner sales at Microsoft, joins Changing Channels to discuss the Microsoft co-sell program and its ongoing evolution.

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