Podcast: MSPs Securing ‘Work From Home’

POD2112: SolarWinds’ Tim Brown on MSPs Securing ‘Work From Home’

COVID-19 displaced tens of millions of office workers around the world. Overnight, companies went from cubicles teeming with activity to distributed workforces operating from makeshift desks, dining room tables, and couches. The displacement took many companies by surprise, forcing them to hastily equip their work-from-home employees or allow staff to use personal devices. The situation created a security nightmare by exposing businesses and corporate data to increased risk. Managed service providers (MSPs) are working around the clock to help their customers secure devices and data during social distancing. SolarWinds, a provider of IT automation and managed service software, is among the vendors supporting MSPs with resources to aid customers in this crisis. SolarWinds’ Tim Brown, vice president of security architecture, joins POD2112 to discuss the security implications of work-from-home and how MSPs are coping with this surge in demand for support.

Tim Brown
Vice President of Security Architecture, SolarWinds


Larry Walsh

CEO & Chief Analyst, The 2112 Group

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