Poland at the Crossroads of the Eastern European Channel

Over the next five years, Eastern Europe is anticipated to witness remarkable economic growth, with countries like Hungary, Romania, and Czechia expected to surpass their Western European counterparts in terms of GDP growth rates. This surge in economic activity is opening up substantial opportunities, particularly for the IT sector. At the heart of this regional transformation is Poland, not only rapidly emerging as a political, military, and economic hub but also as a powerhouse in the technology industry. Polish domestic vendors are increasingly focusing on developing innovative technology products destined for the global market, marking a significant shift towards a strong export-oriented tech sector.

In a special edition of “In the Margins” broadcast from Warsaw, Tomasz Golebiowski, the editor-in-chief of CRN Poland, joins Larry Walsh to explore these exciting developments. They will discuss how Poland’s robust technology industry is influencing the Eastern European and Polish markets, highlighting the current trends, challenges, and potential for growth. Their conversation aims to provide deep insights into the evolving dynamics of these markets, their role in reshaping the European economic scene, and the broader implications for the global IT industry.

Our Guests • Tomasz Golebiowski, CRN Poland:

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