Portugal Boasts a Vibrant, Growing Channel Community

Portugal is a small market, even by European standards. Yet, it has a vibrant community of more than 6,000 resellers and service providers that is growing rapidly through their support of mostly small and midsized businesses.


Portugal, though geographically smaller and often overshadowed by neighboring economic powerhouses like Spain, France, and Italy, is carving out a significant niche for itself within the European market. The country’s channel community is not just surviving but thriving, particularly noticeable during the challenging first quarter of 2024. While many resellers and managed service providers across Europe faced difficulties, Portuguese partners saw an upsurge in activity, buoyed by increasing demand in tourism, services, and manufacturing sectors.

According to IT Channel Magazine, Portugal’s premier publication for the channel community, the confidence among the country’s 6,000-plus partners is on a steady rise. This podcast episode, “In the Margins from Lisbon,” hosted by Larry Walsh and Maddie Frank, takes listeners inside the pulse of this vibrant channel community.

Recorded at the Channel On event in Lisbon, Walsh and Frank delve into the factors driving the success of Portuguese channel partners, discuss the unique opportunities and challenges within this small but dynamic market, and provide insights from key industry leaders and experts who are shaping the future of Portugal’s IT landscape.

This special edition sheds light on how a smaller market like Portugal is not only keeping pace but setting benchmarks in a region dominated by larger economies.

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