TeamViewer’s Patty Nagle and Rob Thiele on Evolving Channel Strategies

TeamViewer’s Patty Nagle and Rob Thiele join Changing Channel’s Larry Walsh to discuss how they’re revamping their channel program to accelerate the company’s evolution into more use cases and market opportunities beyond their remote-access foundation.

Many products start out as free, consumer-oriented offerings to capture market share for what’s often a singular purpose or value proposition. Over time, they evolve into more business-ready, enterprise-centric solutions. The trick is building the sales capacity and coverage to make the leap from legacy to future. The channel is often that evolutionary catalyst.

One company that’s using the channel to make this leap forward is TeamViewer. Best known for products that enable remote access and control for endpoints, TeamViewer is expanding beyond its core into collaboration, workflow management, and augmented reality. While it maintains the freemium offerings that got it started, TeamViewer is increasingly looking to channel partners as a means of identifying new opportunities and servicing an expanding total addressable market.

In this episode of Changing Channels, Patty Nagle, TeamViewer’s North America president, and Robert Thiele, vice president of strategic alliances and partners for the Americas, join host Larry Walsh to discuss how they’ve reshaped their channel program to account for different types of partners, customers, and use cases to facilitate growth beyond the traditional core.



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