The $60 Trillion Ecosystem Opportunity

Ecosystems represent a massive opportunity to generate new sales and improve customer experience by vendors and partners tapping into the broader community of technology products and services to collaborate on solving real-world technologies problems and needs.

By some estimates, ecosystems already generate $60 trillion in total economic activity. And that number will double over the next 10 years.

While ecosystems are a huge trend, they remain largely undefined in the technology channel. Despite the hype, vendors and partners have a lot of ill-defined ideas about ecosystems — what they mean, how they operate, and the best ways to extract value from them.

In this episode of In the Margins, Bryn Nettesheim and Maddie Frank preview the upcoming Channelnomics Community Call, which will delve into the things people get wrong about ecosystems and how they can better address the ecosystem opportunity.

Register for the March Channelnomics Community Call:

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