Channelnomics Heads Into Fall With Two New Assets

Introduces Channelnomics Fiscal Optimizer and Channel Recession Survival Guide PORT WASHINGTON, N.Y., Aug. 29, 2022 — Channelnomics has introduced two resources to help channel professionals address financial concerns brought on by a challenging economy. The Channelnomics Fiscal Optimizer (CFO), a new service, provides channel leaders and their finance-department counterparts with tools and strategies for effectively measuring, modeling, and reporting the impact of the channel on a company’s profits, investments, and expenses. With CFO, channel leaders can take control of their destiny and create a deeper appreciation of channels within their organizations. “Despite the availability of massive amounts of data used to compile a company’s profit and loss statements, little is captured and analyzed to measure the actual impact of the channel on performance and the bottom line, ” said Cindy Herndon, COO of Channelnomics. “The Channelnomics Fiscal Optimizer empowers channel chiefs and chief financial officers to clearly state the ‘value of the channel’ in financial terms that are trusted and understood by their corporate officers. CFO also justifies investments and improves the ability to make quick and informed decisions.” Read more about CFO in the summer issue of Channelnomics Quarterly (CQ). For a free consultation about the new service, send an e-mail to Channelnomics has also released the Channel Recession Survival Guide, which includes insights and practical guidance for leveraging channels to counteract the impact of an economic downturn. The guide features an overview of the current economic climate, a comprehensive assessment of what a downturn will mean for channel-leaning companies, and 10 tips for vendors on how to combat challenging times by leveraging the channel. Click here to download a free copy of the guide at “Vendors are already feeling the pinch that comes with economic downturns. In tough markets, the temptation is to pull back closer to home and do more with in-house resources, ” said Lawrence M. Walsh, CEO of Channelnomics. “Instead, vendors should lean on their channels more. The channel’s foundation is about doing more with less by leveraging the resources and reach of partners. The channel is the insulation against negative economic impact.” For information on how to subscribe to CQ, click here. About Channelnomics We believe exceptional insights enable channel professionals to turn vision into reality. Channelnomics is a business strategy and research firm focused on connecting channel professionals with the people and insights they need to continually evolve and operationalize their strategy. Our industry experts work with clients to provide the evidence to validate and structure their strategy. Our clients, in turn, benefit from improved GTM performance, faster time to market, and better return on partner relationships. By looking at the technology market from the viewpoint of vendors, partners, and end users, Channelnomics is uniquely positioned to develop route-to-market strategies with an innovative, insightful, and inspired flair. Visit us: | Follow us @channelnomics Contact us: | Read our Blog

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