Community Call — May 17, 2022

RECAP: The Long Tail’s Value — Real or Fantasy?
May’s Channelnomics Community Call focused on “long tail” partners and how new thinking for working with small partners at the furthest reaches of partner programs is influencing tech companies.

The call, which took place on May 17 and was led by me, the vice president of strategic content at Channelnomics, focused on three topics, the long tail included.

May’s call opened with a quick word heralding the release of CQ magazine, the IT industry’s first publication entirely devoted to business professionals who oversee go-to-market strategies and relationships. CQ publishes digitally four times per year, providing channel chiefs, C-suite executives, and other business leaders with research, thought leadership, and practical insights for developing and executing effective indirect-sales programs.

I briefly walked Community Call atten...

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