How the War in Ukraine Is Reshaping Everything

Larry Walsh, chief analyst at Channelnomics, provides an overview of how the Russian war on Ukraine is affecting global and regional economies, and how the conflict will impact the technology industry and channels.

The Russian war on Ukraine isn’t a regional conflict. While the fighting is happening across the plains and marshlands of the Ukrainian heartland, the war is having a cascading effect of human and economic disruption around the world.

As Walsh explains, the war will cause significant disruptions in energy, food, and raw-material supplies. Western resolve to oppose the war through sanctions comes at a cost; experts say the economic penalties against Russia will reduce global economic growth by 1% to 2%. Ultimately, the consequences of the conflict and the Western response will likely push many countries into recession and instability.

The Western world was in a fog of disbelief, thinking that such a large conflict was beyond the realm of possibility in the post-Cold War era. In our guidance, Channelnomics is preparing for the unthinkable, even if implausible. Technology companies need to develop contingency plans for potential disruptions still to come.

In this special edition of Changing Channels, Channelnomics provides an overview of the war in Ukraine from the unique perspective of how it could continue to impact the technology industry and channel. Chief analyst and Changing Channels host Larry Walsh provides insights on the current extent of the conflict, how it’s disrupting different industries, and how those disruptions will ripple through the general economy.

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