Channelnomics’s Sarit Chalamish on Flipping the Script on Partner Enablement

Larry Walsh talks to Senior Channel Partner Manager Sarit Chalamish about how vendors can step outside of their comfort zone and embrace creative business solutions to pave the way for unparalleled opportunities for growth and success across all levels of an organization.

As any channel professional knows, building a successful partner program is no simple task. Starting from scratch and finding the right partners to connect with takes a tremendous amount of concentrated relationship-building, typically accomplished through face-to-face meetings and the moments in between wining and dining. Especially for the leaders assigned to getting a new partner program off the ground, securing those first partners is a crucial step, as those early partners can be critical in determining the long-term success of the program.

Combine the inherent nature of developing a new partner program with the unprecedented circumstances brought on by the pandemic and the challenge seems not only difficult but downright impossible. Of course, collaboration, flexibility, and relationship-building took on new meaning with the onset of COVID-19. A firm handshake was replaced with a link to a virtual meeting as the world was forced into a dependency on computer and phone screens.

For those starting something fresh in the midst of the pandemic – whether a new job, a new kind of program, or even the general adjustment to remote work – the question was clear: Could virtual resources be enough to meet the demands of pre-pandemic life?

A channel leader who was quickly forced to answer this question is Sarit Chalamish, senior channel partner manager at When she joined the company last spring, she faced a seemingly insurmountable task: to develop the organization’s North America channel program as a new member of the team and amid the onset of a global pandemic. Quick and creative thinking quickly became the foundation for accomplishing this feat as Chalamish navigated unchartered territory.

Chalamish, like other channel leaders, knows the right partners can make or break the launch of a partner program. To ensure the success of’s burgeoning partner program, Chalamish and her team embraced their creative sides, exploring more “out of the box” partner relationships like vertical partners or turning inward and leveraging their own networks. The process was difficult, but the goal was simple: to find partners with the same level of professionalism as – sharing that same culture of adaptability and creativity – so that clients can enjoy a seamless experience.

In this edition of Channelnomics’ Changing Channels, Chalamish joins host Larry Walsh to discuss how adopting a mindset of “thinking outside the box” allowed to develop a partner program entirely through virtual resources. By embracing this same sense of creativity and flexibility, executives can open the door for exciting new projects and relationships across all levels of the channel.

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