Taking Measure of Partner Confidence in 2024

A few thoughts on how partner confidence remains down in 2024 despite the economic indicators pointing in the right direction.

The channel – on both the vendor and partner sides of the go-to-market community – is fairly optimistic. Ask any channel chief, reseller, or service provider how they anticipate their business will perform in a given period, and they’ll likely predict growth. This optimism prevails even in the most challenging economic times.

Maintaining an optimistic outlook in business is not merely about displaying unfounded or artificial positivity; it’s an imperative. A positive attitude is crucial for preserving high team morale, which is key to the well-being and success of any business.

Confidence, however, is something different. Partners consistently aim to grow their business and believe that they will perform better in the coming year than they did in the previous one. Whether this improvement will materialize depends on their level of confidence.

In this edition of In the Margins, Larry Walsh discusses the results of the new Channelnomics Partner Confidence Index and what it signifies for vendors and partners alike.


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