CCC RECAP: Partners Say Programs Are Too Complex

Ease of doing business is more important than profit potential for most partners.

New Channelnomics analysis confirms what we’ve been saying for years: When it comes to partner engagement and program participation, ease of doing business (EODB) trumps revenue potential. In other words, if you want to be a preferred vendor for channel partners, it’s more important to make your programs and policies understandable than it is to tantalize them with promises of rich rewards.

During the Channelnomics Community Call in October, CEO Larry Walsh and Vice President of Professional Services Bryn Nettesheim walked attendees through our latest analysis of data, culled from more than 200,000 partner satisfaction records. The results of our work are showcased in a new Channelnomics report, Ease of Doing Business: A High-Value Influencer. This report delves deep into the factors that underscore the importance of ease of doing business as a foundational objective for shaping partner behavior and performance.

“While financial considerations are undeniably essential in the partner relationship, money isn’t the sole driver of partner behavior,” said Walsh. “Partners seek healthy vendor relationships that don’t overburden their resources, don’t impose costly program requirements, and enable them to service customer needs effectively and expeditiously.”

Echoing Walsh’s comments is this: Channelnomics analysis finds that 73% of channel partners say vendor channel programs are too complex. Moreover, partners say that EODB affects their growth outlook. Where there’s no friction, there are great growth opportunities, partners say.

Channelnomics has developed a methodology to help vendors take complexity and inconsistency out of their channel programs. Our EODB improvement cycle includes five steps:

      1. Define a problem, obstacle, or failure impacting your channel operations.
      2. Measure the scope of the problem and impact with facts and data.
      3. Analyze the depth of the problem and its cascading impact.
      4. Improve processes and create new, simple, and rational approaches.
      5. Verify the changes to confirm their effectiveness.

Rinse and repeat.


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