Post-COVID: Looking Forward to a Return to Normalcy

Channelnomics’ new report shows how the channel is planning for the post-pandemic economy.

By Larry Walsh

Life is hardly back to normal a little more than a year after COVID-19 disrupted the global economy and everyday lives. We continue to labor under social restrictions and safety precautions that, while designed to slow the spread of the virus, also inhibit business operations, commerce, and daily living.

As vaccination rates climb, signs are pointing to a return to the way things were before the virus. The economy – regional and global – is steadily rising into the black. Businesses are making plans to return to some level of pre-pandemic operations. And people are beginning to exercise their ability to travel (still with precautions). By the third quarter of 2021, many parts of the developed world will feel like a more open society rather than a pandemic dystopia.

The channel – vendors and partners alike – have been anticipating the recovery since the beginning of the year. While the Channelnomics forecast for 2021 is optimistic but muted, most companies operating in and around the channel believe brighter days lie ahead. Vendors are investing more in their channel programs, and partners are hiring more full-time employees in anticipation of a post-pandemic rebound.

In our complimentary special report, Pandemic Recovery: Channel Plans for the Post-COVID Market, Channelnomics explores how vendors and partners are gearing up for the eventual return to a more open economy and the shifting technology needs of businesses and individuals.

The report contains insights into where vendors and partners are investing for growth in the post-pandemic economy, which product and market segments present growth opportunities, and what lingering challenges will persist even after the world has achieved full vaccination.

Channelnomics was the first to study the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the technology market and channel community. Our insights through multiple lenses give us unique perspectives on the relative health of the channel as it looks to capitalize on new opportunities and adapt to the permanently changed realities resulting from the pandemic.

What we see is that the shifts started by the pandemic will continue for the foreseeable future, compelling vendors and partners to continue to evolve their own digital transformation, marketing, and sales capabilities. The ultimate lesson to come from the pandemic is the need for continual and rapid evolution that leverages the available and emerging resources to stay ahead of potential disruptions.

Probably at no time before in the history of the channel have vendors and partners had the ability to prepare for a shift in economic conditions. This report will show how vendors and partners are moving to catch the post-pandemic growth wave.

Larry Walsh is the CEO, chief analyst, and founder of Channelnomics. He’s an expert in the development and execution of channel programs, disruptive sales models, and growth strategies for companies worldwide. Follow him on Twitter at @lmwalsh_CN.


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